Where next Lord?

Sometimes we come to a crossroads and don’t know which direction to take. Left? Right? Or just straight on?

And with no clear signposts it’s often difficult to know the right way. Will it make any difference which way I go? Each way looks as good as the others.

Today we’ll have a quick look at guidance. Guidance on guidance. In a couple of words.

1. Wait

Waiting on God. As in praying. Listening closely. Paying attention. Checking on which way the wind’s blowing.

Waiting for God. As in staying patient. Resting. Trusting that his timing is best. Keeping in step with the Spirit and not lagging behind or rushing ahead. So we can hear his whisper when he speaks.

2. Flags

The wind blows where it chooses, said Jesus when he was describing the Spirit.

When we need guidance we need to know where the Spirit is leading and to keep in step with him.

So how do we know when we’re hearing him and not just our own fancies?

Tricky ...

A long while back I heard an illustration from Roger Forster. He said that when we want to know which way the wind of the Spirit is blowing we need to look at the flags.

Sometimes it’s gusty and they’re all flapping wildly. Sometimes it’s dead still. But sometimes most of them are going in the same direction. It’s then we know where the wind’s blowing.

The flags are pictures of various ways we hear God’s voice.

And there’s lots of them. I’ve listed over 30 which I’ve been helped by in the past. I expect I’ll add to the list again. There’s many more. (Hence the ‘etc.’) So here goes, and in no particular order ...

Bible reading, prophecy, dreams, visions, preaching, reading, listening, discerning, praying, fasting, waiting, asking, promptings, fasting, convictions, help from wise leaders, words from praying friends, advisors, coincidences, circumstances, open doors, closed doors, ajar doors, impressions, feelings, reasoning, dialogue, debate, common sense, obviousness, evidence, conscience, old mistakes, etc.

Usually there’s only a few flags flying. Sometimes there’s lots. But if most are flapping in the same direction, then maybe someone’s trying to tell us something.

Angus Lyon