If local Southampton boy Isaac Watts (When I survey, Joy to the world, Join all the glorious names, etc., etc.) were alive today, he might have written something like this - only a bit more poetic.

I drafted it a while back and it’s written in the style of an 18th century hymn.
This virus is invisible, but we can see its effects on people.
The wind is invisible, but we can see its effects on trees.
The virus and the wind are impersonal forces.
But our God is personal and powerful.
And loving and good.
And, even though we don’t see him, he’s working …

‘Not by power, nor by might, but
By my Spirit’ says the Lord.
In our weakness, we will trust you,
Take you at your certain word.
Grace sufficient we discover,
Strength perfected in our trial.

Doing all things by your power,
Striving, leaning on your arm,
Yours the greater might indwelling
Saving us from evil’s harm.
Hallelujah! All dominion
Jesus holds o’er death and hell.

Satan tempts us, lies, accuses,
Roars at us to make us fear.
Conscious of our sin and weakness,
Knowing that our God is near,
We will overcome the devil
By the Lamb’s blood and his word.

Lord Almighty, we will trust you,
Finding that your joy is strength,
Bowing down to give you honour,
Learning all the breadth and length
Of your boundless lovingkindness
And the fullness of your grace.

Angus Lyon