Welcome to Totton

We are the smaller of the two sites, made up largely of people from the west of Southampton. We meet in Hounsdown School, easily accessible from the M271.

What you need to know

What time should I arrive?
We start with drinks at 10:45. Our meetings start at 11:15 and finish by 12:45.

Where do I park?
We have plenty of parking spaces on site. As you arrive, a member of our car parking team will point you in the right direction.

What should I wear?
There is no dress code, please wear whatever you feel comfortable and relaxed in.

Where do I sit?
There are no reserved seats. Please feel free to sit wherever you like.

What about my children?
(Aged 0-11)
On arrival in the Reception Area, please register your children at the Kid’s Check-in. All children stay in the meeting until 11:30, before heading to their groups.

(Aged 12-18)
Our Youth stay in the meeting until 12:00, at the end of our time of worship. They register themselves upon arrival in their group.

How do I connect?
We encourage all our visitors to go to the Info Point prior to the start of the meeting. This is an opportunity to connect with us and to have a free drink and a slice of cake.


tom williams

Tom is married to Ali and they live in Totton.