Martin & Ruth Hughes

In Ruth's spare time she loves modern jive dancing especially the pengiun and the octopus moves, and she is also a water babe especially liking swimming. Martin likes to eat smoky bacon flavoured crisps, and is also completing the writing of his second book.

Tim & Angie Williams
Martyn & Gaynor Dunsford

Martyn and Gaynor have been married for 42 years and have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren so far. They are engaged in International mission in about 50 nations. Martyn is also the founder of the charity Care & Relief for the Young (CRY) which works alongside church planting initiatives amongst unreached peoples and poor communities.

Chris & Charlotte Allison
Ben & Ali Scurr
Andy & Janet Johnston

Andy and Janet met at University in Southampton more years ago than they care to remember. They have been married for 35 years and have 3 grown-up children. They love playing games as competitively as possible and are passionate about raising up next generation leaders in the Church.

Maurice & Catherine Redmill

Maurice and Catherine oversee the ministries amongst older persons and lead the All Seasons Connect Group. Maurice teaches the Interns and is involved in marking for the Catalyst Leadership Training Foundations in association with Moorlands College. He is also a church trustee. Catherine leads the Sunday coffee teams and helps with the Halo cooking.

John & Linda Banks


Andy Johnston - Team Leader

Andy is married to the lovely Janet, he supports a terrible football team (Liverpool) and is a big fan of Martin Luther

Janet Johnston - Pastoral and Connect Team

Janet is married to Andy and they have three grown up children. Her competitive nature in board games is to be feared and she has a big love for KFC

Tim Williams - Pastoral and Connect Team

Tim heads up the connect groups at KCC. He often refers to himself as a Superdry model, and he eats his weight in fruit each day

Linda Banks - Pastoral and Connect Team

Linda heads up the pastoral work at KCC. She spent last Christmas in South Africa and she is always up for a laugh

Chris Allison - Worship Leader

Chris heads up the worship at KCC. He is from Wales and often can be quite patriotic, he has also played an African thumb piano...not on a Sunday morning though! He has also been on Songs of Praise

Angie Williams - Admin Team Leader

Angie looks after all the administration at KCC. She is a New Zealander, All Blacks supporter, and she is full of fun.

Wayne Parsons - Youth Leader

Wayne looks after all our youth at KCC. He ran his first marathon last year which is true, but he also claims that he is a pro snow boarder (not sure is true)

Nick Brennan - Kids Leader

Nick heads up all the kids work from 0-11 at KCC. He has seen Beyonce in concert and also loves travelling to Asia

Martyn Dunsford - International

Martyn works on behalf of KCC into over 50 nations.


Georgia Sims - Community Worker

Georgia is a part of the Mickey Mouse Club House, she is passionate about chicken nuggets, and you'll often find her with a diet coke in hand.

Emma Bone - Media and Communications

Emma loves tea, films and reading, she desperately wants a puppy, and pretty much wears stripes everyday. She is also a bit crazy!

Neil Harknett - Sunday Co-ordinator

Neil loves travelling and enjoys cuddling the wildlife such as monkeys, koala bears, and tarantulas. When he is not travelling he enjoys time at home relaxing in his hot tub with a beer. Neil is great!

Ali Williams - Youth worker

Ali loves minions, is an incredible cook and she is quite the celebrity having been on Blue Peter and the radio.

Jack Treacher - Eighteen-Thirties Leader

Jack works in business but heads up the eighteen-thirties work along with a super team.

Adam & Mel Bingham - Students Leaders

Adam and Mel have been married for two years and love getting to hang out with the students as well as getting competitive over a board game.

Sally Parker - Older People leader

Sally along with her husband Frank care for our older people. They are such heroes!

Debbie Carpenter - Commercial and Events Manager

Debbie loves the seaside and walking her two little dogs. She is married to Seth and they have three grown up children. Debbie is a lot of fun and laughter in the office.

Melody Bingham - Admin Assistant / Student Leader

Melody loves art galleries and museums, she was an s club 7 fan as a child, and used to play under water hockey, or polo she's not sure!

Heather Peccerella - Admin Assistant

Heather is bi-lingual, having lived in Italy for five years! She loves life and has a great sounding laugh.

Jane Brombley - Safeguarding

Jane is a Mum of 4, Granny of 3. She has long experience teaching children of every age from 3 to 16, in schools and at church. She can't cook/won't cook but loves to bake with children using her own gingerbread recipe.

Helen Gibbs - Junction Cafe Manager
Nathan Milton - Technical Assistant

Nathan has a love for American football, was a professional underwater hockey player, and before working with us, he spent the year interning.

Nigel Paterson - International and Communities Officer

Nigel is married to Liz and works on fundraising, international work and forming a bridge to the political scene. He looks and sounds English (aye, but is not half as English as that) and answers to British.

Nigel Thompson - Maintenance
Aneli Starks - CAP Centre Manager
Emma Curtayne & Mel Cranston - Chuckles
John Banks - Food Centre
Simon & Niki Green - Job Club
Alice Green - College placement 2017-2020

Alice loves winter walks, has an obsession with scarves and gets great satisfaction from making and ticking a to do list.