New Blog Host - Q&A with Angus

New Blog Host

I recently had a virtual chat with Angus Lyon. Angus became a member here at KCC late last year and recently agreed to take a lead in running a KCC blog. But before he does so, I thought it would be good for us to get to know a bit about him.
 So, Angus, you've agreed to help set up a church blog. Blogs are often near the bottom of churches’ To Do lists. What prompted you to volunteer for this?

 Well, I didn’t exactly volunteer. After the Sunday meeting about three weeks ago, the one when it was announced that we wouldn't be meeting together again for some time, I felt there would be a real need for the church leaders and other group leaders to share words with people remotely as well as keeping in touch socially. To say things to the local and wider church from a pastoral and prophetic angle. I had the idea to set up a blog so that maybe people in KCC and other friends I have in church leadership elsewhere could have a platform to say things that they would otherwise do face to face. I set up MannaMañana on Medium. A few days later I shared the idea with Andy Johnston and he asked if I’d think about doing something similar at KCC. So, in a way, I suppose I did volunteer.

We’re a big church here at KCC. I know you started worshipping with us last summer and I guess you’ll have got to know a few people since then. For those who don’t know you, could you say a bit about yourself?

OK. My wife Susan and I moved to Hamble from Lowestoft in Suffolk a year ago. We’re both semi-retired and moved down here to be closer to family. We have three sons, two daughters-in law and four grandchildren in Totton and near Winchester and Brighton. I worked as a lawyer and then as a counsellor and Susan as a Speech and Language Therapist. After a kind of sabbatical year I’m now setting up to work online as a single-session therapist. Susan is still doing some speech therapy related training work.

And how did you find KCC? Or, maybe I should say, how have you found things at KCC?

We visited a number of local churches before gravitating to KCC. We were made to feel very welcome here and had a few strong nudges from God that we should make this our home. We had both been pretty active in church life in Suffolk and used the last year to recharge our batteries. And we’re now getting involved in a few groups like the Hope Centre, Connect groups and meeting up with people socially.

And can I ask you some personal questions? What is your favourite sport, album, singer, football club, book of the Bible, drink, girl’s name and TV programme?

Ok here goes: football, Kind of Blue, Nick Cave, Man U (Norwich very close second), John’s gospel, Trawlerboys bitter, Susan and Peppa Pig.

So there we have it, you have now met Angus. Please do comment and let us know your thoughts. So thanks for reading, and the next time you see a blog post, it'll more than likely be from Angus. 
Emma Kent - Media & Communications