Lockdown 2.0 - A Time of Opportunities

For some people lockdown brings problems.

But if problems are opportunities in disguise then there are also a lot of opportunities.
Jesus is fully aware of the real difficulties people are currently facing and can introduce hope and transformation in them.

It was a big problem when a group of experienced fishermen were scared that the violent storm would overwhelm and kill them. Yet it became an opportunity for Jesus to show his authority over nature.

It was a big problem when over 5,000 people needed food and there was none. Yet it became an opportunity for Jesus to show his incredible provision.

There are many rich examples in the Bible, and in the lives of people in our church family, that saw Jesus turn big problems into opportunities to show his love, power and hope.

Without problems we can live on automatic, not needing to think or change anything. Problems force us to look at situations and decide how to go forward. Problems create opportunities for innovation and creativity.

The problem of Covid has provided the opportunity for churches internationally to explore new ways to strengthen the church family and bless those outside it. There are churches meeting outside, bible studies on walks, people meeting to worship in gardens, parents being stirred to actively teach biblical truths to their children who would not have done so before. Families are meeting on Zoom more and people who would never have entered a church building are able to watch it from bed! What incredible opportunities to share God’s love for people!

I wonder if you are experiencing heartache because of the problems Covid has brought?

I wonder if you can look beyond these problems to the opportunities they can trigger?

Opportunities may require us stepping out of the familiar, doing something new and risking it not going to plan … but it may just work and be greater than you can ask or imagine!

We miss out on all the risks we don’t take.

I wonder what you would do if you had no fears?

As Christians we are called to be full of faith. We are called to obedience, sometimes to put aside our own comfort to follow God’s leading. Obedience is different to success, the outcome often isn’t in our hands, but the choice to obey is. Let’s be people excited to see God do great things as we obey Him.

The problems Covid brings include anxiety, despair and loneliness. The good news? As Christians we know a God who brings peace, hope and comfort, the antidote to each!

And as the problems in our nation grow so does the need for these truths to be shared. As the dark evenings lengthen, let’s encourage each other to shine ever more brightly in the homes, workplaces, Zooms the Lord has planted us in.

Let’s go to God to fill up our reserve tanks and daily tanks till we are abundantly full of the love He gives to us, then we can spill love out to all the people we come into contact with.

Be encouraged that problems can be opportunities to see Jesus’s goodness.

Let’s get excited to obey God’s promptings as we serve him and love others.

God bless.
Rebekah Taylor