Freedom: The Eject Tool

‘Freedom’ … a strange choice of topic maybe, considering the circumstances. But no matter the circumstances, Galatians 5:1 declares, ‘It is for freedom that Christ set us free.’

Our physical bodies are bound to so many restrictions right now, but our emotions are not. Even within physical ‘captivity’ we can choose how to respond to our emotions.

We can place far too much emphasis on intellectual capital. How much knowledge someone has on a topic can be put on a pedestal.

God, however, is far more interested in our spiritual capital. The stuff that we bank having walked through things that give us spiritual backbone and maturity. That give our words the power, that demonstrate and testify to the freedom we proclaim from our hearts, not just our heads.

To see the freedom of Christ brought to others we need to be free ourselves. As the saying goes: ‘free people free people; hurt people hurt people.’

Recently I was introduced to an excellent resource for keeping in check our spiritual health and staying emotionally free: ‘the eject tool’.

The Eject Tool (outlined by Phil Wilthew in his book ‘Multiplying Disciples’) helps us to eject anything from our hearts that is not healthy in order to help the emotional healing process.
It uses a handy acronym ‘REFER’ because we are to refer things to God and walk with him through them.

In a self-obsessed culture we live in danger of too much self awareness, leading to introspection where we are constantly looking for issues in our hearts and lives and can fall into self-sanctification; thinking we need to do something to fix ourselves.

On the other end of the spectrum are those who have no self-awareness and coast along, never allowing the surface to be scratched, maybe for fear of what might be unearthed.

In the pursuit of freedom we need a middle ground, one that is led by the Spirit, that takes our emotional responses as signs that there may be more below the surface and follows his timing in unearthing and dealing with things.

We are not filing cabinets; we don’t just want to sort things; we need to express them.
Ask God where our emotions are coming from. What lies have we been believing that are causing us harm? Is there someone or something that’s hurt us that we need to find the words to express?

Lets not be afraid to really express it out loud to God, to be too British about it. He is not offended by us.

Forgive and repent
Maybe forgiveness is needed of a person or a situation? Of ourselves?
Give it/ them/ ourselves to Jesus.

Freedom comes when we reach the place where we can genuinely pray good things over people who have wronged us or believe good things of ourselves.

But forgiveness often also needs repentance- for where we have responded sinfully, withheld forgiveness or allowed bitterness to form in our hearts.

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15).
Bring it before God. Ask what you need to repent of, where your lack of repentance is robbing you of heart rest. Ask the Spirit to show you areas you’ve held back.

The previous steps loose things, so now we are able to offer any spiritual oppression to God and allow the deep work to take place. Ask him to reveal anything deeper, maybe through pictures or memories. They may surprise us but let’s not be to quick to discount them.
He’s the one with the keys to freedom and sometimes they are shaped differently to how we expect.

Once we are emptied, we can be filled with truth and the true freedom Jesus won on the cross when he paid our debt and wiped our slate clean.

And REFER isn’t just a one-off process. We can start this process as an orphan not really knowing who we are, but the more of our true identity in Christ that we grasp, the deeper we are able to go, the more layers we are able to peel back and the more freedom we are able to step into.

Freedom was brought for us, given freely and with no ‘to-do list’ attached when we accepted Jesus into our lives. The cross covers us, past, present and future.

But in the same way that the Father and Son don’t force themselves on us, nor does the Spirit.
The freedom the Holy Spirt longs to bring can only be accessed when we invite it, when we open ourselves up and long to see all of his power breaking through the false layers of our hard hearts until their true fleshy selves are there for all to see.

Not in a way that exposes our lack, but that highlights his all-sufficiency.
“When I am weak then I am strong”.
Staying ‘strong’ in our own strength is really weakness.

Doing the hard painful work of walking through our pain is where the true strength is found and the spiritual capital we gain is a mighty weapon in freeing others.

Emily Williams