Dancing With Jesus

I was quietly listening to worship music in my room when Jesus asked me to dance with him.

As a Kids intern, I am accustomed to frequently embarrassing myself with poor dance moves but this time I was less inclined. My brothers were home for Christmas and the sight of me dancing with an invisible man may be a step too far, even for me.

Even without their quizzical gazes, I had far too many prayers to get off my chest. But of course, my God is one of persistence so yet again I was invited to dance. I felt Him smiling as I reluctantly got up and began swaying. The more I focused on His voice and His laugh, the more I felt the room swell with his presence. Before I knew it, I was ballroom dancing with my partner, laughing at the ridiculous moment I found myself in. But even more so, I was genuinely having fun with my God. I had been so concerned with bringing Him my requests, comments and questions that I had forgotten just to enjoy his presence.

One of my favourite things about Jesus is that He continues to reveal different aspects of His character right when we need it. He knows exactly how to encourage us, individually and perfectly. I went down to dinner so full of joy and peace that I forgot what I was even praying about in the first place.

Do we truly believe that Jesus is our friend? A friend who is loyal out of genuine affection rather than mindless obligation. The past couple of months I feel like Jesus has been revealing to me the extent of our beautiful friendship. I feel him sigh at my (sometimes) bad jokes, smile when he sees me joyful, get excited when I have good news and of course laugh when I trip over. Jesus cries with me, comforts me and most importantly listens even if I go on for ages. He is so delighted to spend time with us because He cares.

This change in perspective came as a surprise. I had found it easy to only see Jesus as the lamb who died for me thousands of years ago rather than the loving friend who decides to dance with me. His divinity does not diminish His humanity. It is his heart that draws us to him.

Who is Jesus to you? A distant spirit or a close daily companion? He does not tend to your needs out of duty, but out of a deep love for every part of you. He is so for us, it isn't a surprise He wants to celebrate with us.

Revel in His presence and receive his joy.

Of course you don’t have to dance, but it is really fun!

Ettie Robins