Worshiped Poured Out

Matthew 26:7 tells us about the woman who anointed Jesus with her expensive perfume. In The Passion Translation it reads, ‘She came right to Jesus and in a lavish gesture of devotion she poured out the costly oil and it cascaded over his head.’

I found it strange that the disciples now should take to criticising this wonderful gesture, almost where the Pharisees had left off! Yet Jesus answers with such insight, “Why are you critical of this woman? She has done a beautiful act of kindness. You will always have someone poor whom you can help but you will not always have me”.

I find it incredible to think that immediately after witnessing an act that portrayed such dedicated love, upon hearing Jesus’ response to the disciples, Judas slips out in order to betray Jesus – and what for? A few paltry coins.

What an insult!

Such a contrast!

This made me consider my worship.

Do I always offer everything I have to Jesus? Is my worship sweet to Him? Possibly.
What about those times when life is difficult? What then? Is my worship still pleasant to Him? Or do I blame Him for my difficulties?

I know my attitude is often “I’ll worship You properly when I get through this lot …” Forgive me Lord.

Surely I should be worshipping Jesus through everything! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Anything less is surely disrespectful after what He’s done for me.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 tells us ‘In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ concerning you.’ I don’t have to thank God FOR everything, but IN everything because not every situation is from God. However, every situation I am in, I can know God is in it with me, so I can be thankful and worship Him for Who He is.

This led me to thinking about the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for forty years. There must have been about two million of them. Envisage them all getting settled, getting used to the surroundings, then seeing that the pillar of cloud is moving on. Everything then had to be taken down, packed up, the animals rounded up and this huge number of people and animals had to move on. Imagine the health issues they could have had, yet God brought them out of Egypt and ‘from among the tribes no one faltered’ (Psalm 105:37) and ‘not even one was feeble on their way out!’ (Psalm 105:37). God supplied their food so they lived on a diet provided by Him. Their troubles started when they began to complain …

I asked myself, “Is this what I do? Is this why my circumstances are sometimes what they are?”

Yet I'm not lost in the desert; Jesus has led me here for my benefit. He wants to minister to me here and He wants me to just be with Him. Sometimes I may not be able to to speak, yet my heart cries out to my Lord and my spirit sings as the beautiful Spirit of Jesus warms me from the chill of desert nights. He wants me to rest awhile in the oasis of His presence, eating the figs, raisins and dates He provides as I rest my head on his chest, listening to His heartbeat. At times like these I must simply ‘Be still, and know that He is God.’

Please Lord God, stop me from complaining.

May I continually give thanks to you in everything as I recognise Your hand in my situation because You are the Creator of everything, the mighty God, my Provider and my Father.
Lord Jesus, You went through something far worse than I will ever go through when You were tortured then died on that cross to save me from myself.

Then, as I give You thanks and worship You for Who You are, I pray that my worship will be as valuable to You as that of Mary’s when she poured out her precious oil on your head.

Diana Moss