Last Sunday at Hedge End, Jenny Witchard brought a word which might be helpful to anyone who didn’t hear it and worth a reminder to those who did. Here’s a reminder of what she said:

‘I’ve had a picture about masks. Not masks like the ones we have all been wearing for months, but theatrical masks which represent either a fixed grin or a sad face.

I believe God wants people to take off some masks this morning.

So there are two particular masks: one is the happy smiling one and one is the sad mask.

I feel God is saying that a lot of people here have been having to hold a fixed grin, because you’ve been carrying a lot of stuff, especially over this last year. You’ve had to keep smiling and look happy, particularly for other people’s sake.

I feel that God is saying this morning, that He is giving you permission to weep. You can feel those emotions, the sadness. God is saying, “Weep if you need to weep”.

He will come alongside you.

He will comfort you.

And He will bring healing.

And the other mask is the other one, the sad mask. People who have been sad themselves, who have been carrying a lot and maybe lost people. Maybe relationships have changed, jobs have been lost or circumstances have changed completely, and you’ve done a lot of weeping.

I feel God saying, “It’s OK. It’s time to laugh. It’s time to be happy. I’m going to come alongside you and I’m going to give you joy”.’