A New Hong Kong Community

You might have noticed that at King's Community Church in recent weeks we have built up a small Hong Kong (HK) community attending Sunday services and also the Thursday Alpha course.

Here are some bits and pieces to help you make new acquaintances. It’s not to be confused with another lookalike community from Korea, both of whom share the common ground of our Lordship in Jesus Christ as well as enjoying good food!

The last few months would have been a peak time for the arrival of HK families with kids as it will take some time for the children to settle in before the new school year starts in September. If the children settle well, this help the parents to settle in well too. It might be good to motivate your children to look out for these new HK kids in Kidszone and Youth. Your children might even find these new HK kids joining their schools in September as well.

Typically, the children can learn new languages much faster than their parents. Sooner or later, many children will be able to handle English conversation better than their parents. In fact, their English can become so much better than their Chinese that communicating in Chinese becomes a problem. This is something each HK family needs to find ways to cope with.

In any case, language should not be a barrier to know our Lord. We are thankful that the church is helping in many ways to overcome language barriers for us. Of course, we recognise that for some Hong Kongers, it could be better for them to join the Chinese churches in Southampton, which currently are under a lot of resource constraints due to the large number of new arrivals.

Finding jobs is another big challenge, especially for men. Many of them are professionals or even running their own businesses. With the rapid deterioration of freedom of speech in HK since the introduction of the national security law in July 2020, many chose to give up their careers there for the sake of their families and children. This could mean an early arrival of a mid-life crisis. In Bob Buford’s book ‘Halftime’, he writes about transitioning from success to significance. Let’s pray that in this enforced transition, many will find significance in God’s kingdom as God’s kingdom becomes significant in their lives (Luke 12:20-21).

King's Community Church has been a very inclusive church to us. Just before this blog was written, we had been reminded by Dave Williams in his preaching, “One special thing God really put on my heart for us today is that love connects beyond cultural, class and ethnic barriers“.

And we Hong Kongers might have a tendency to mingle among ourselves. We are actually delighted to have anyone brave enough to barge in to introduce yourselves to us!

Victor Lau