God Is Closer Than You Think

When we’re going through a bad patch, when we’re struggling, when we’re desperate for someone or something to cling on to, why is it that God seems so distant at those times? Perhaps you’re waiting on God for confirmation of something, yet He seems mute.
   God is still near. He always is. He’s everywhere. When God is silent, He expects us to be patient and will reward our faith and trust. We must rest in silence and believe He is near.
   Graham Cooke helped me understand this when I heard him preach many years ago.
   He said that when his children were small they often played hide-and-seek. When it was Graham’s turn to hide, he would always leave a finger or a toe visible so that his kids could find him more easily. So it is with God.

   Graham went on to explain that sometimes when we’re struggling through a difficult situation in our lives, God occasionally withdraws a little from us. He is always close, but He hides a little to encourage us to seek a deeper relationship with Him. When we’re struggling, we feel our need of Father God so much more. If God were to always be obviously close to us, we might well just be satisfied with what may pass as a superficial relationship with Him. As it is we will search God for ourselves, praying and worshipping in a deeper way than previously. When Father God meets with us we will experience such a joyful and more profound experience with Him than before. This is how we grow deeper in Him.

   To have a meaningful relationship with anyone we need to get beyond the perfunctory banter and passing comments on the weather. We need to get to know that person, learn how they tick, their likes and dislikes. So it is with God.

   We need to continue to worship God for who He is. He won’t necessarily have caused your circumstances to fall round your ears, but He will be with you in them, ready to whisper encouragement when you ask Him. God sometimes allows trials to occur so that we will turn to Him and seek His help rather than trying to battle through them on our own.
   We need to continue to read God’s Word. So often we find pointers in there as to how we should act in order to solve our problem.

   We need to continue to pray, not a list of requests, but to search and know God’s heart for people and their situations as well as our own.

   God will speak to you. The actual Hebrew word for ‘desert’ comes from a root word meaning ‘the place of speaking’. Simply stated, the desert is the place where God speaks to us!
   Some of the greatest messages you will receive from God will be spoken to you in your desert difficulty.

   ‘He will speak in your desert and cause it to blossom. God will speak in a way that you will perceive, and you’ll begin to hear His voice clearly.’ (Passion & Fire Ministries)

   Of course God also gave us one another so that we can fellowship, encourage, pray and seek God’s will together, but we must be aware (and I speak to myself here) that this must not become a substitute for our own personal relationship with our heavenly Father.

Di Moss