Connect groups are a great place to build new friendships, grow in faith, and to be involved in the life of the church. They help make a big church feel like home. No matter what your interests, stage of life, or energy levels are, there’s a connect group for you.


How do I choose which Connect Group to join?

You are free to choose any group that you would like! This may be determined by location, focus, leader of the group, the day or indeed the time of day.

Where can I find out about all the different Connect Groups?

On the right of this page there is a link to our online Connect Group brochure. A hardcopy is also available at reception.

What am I signing up for?

Connect Groups run for 10 weeks and in most cases meet weekly, unless otherwise stated in the brochure. At the end of the term you will have the option to carry on, or to pick a new group.

How do I sign up?

Just fill out your details on the form below. It’s that easy!

What happens after I have signed up?

The Connect Group leader will be in contact to welcome you and to confirm details.


I've loved playing badminton, and making new friends with people that I wouldn't normally connect with on a Sunday morning"


To sign up to a connect group, just let us know your name, contact details and which group you would like to sign up to.

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