We love God, love the Church, and love one another.


What’s on for our Eighteen to Thirties?

On Sundays we all gather together as a church for our Sunday Morning meeting. Afterwards we usually head off to a pub or for a walk. If you are a student and need help with transport, there is a student bus available to get you to and from church.

During the week we have a number of Eighteen to Thirties connect groups to be involved in. If you want to get to know others your age please sign up to one.

Monthly, we also have either worship nights, social nights or student nights. Keep a look out below for the latest events and join the Facebook group to hear about spontaneous socials.

Throughout the year there are a number of events to be involved with: student weekend, group trips and the Catalyst Festival.

Are you a student?

From Sunday 30th September jump on the bus at the following stops:
9:15 @ Montefiore Halls Reception
9:25 @ Glen Eyre Reception
9:35 @ Highfield House Hotel

If you’re a Solent student, we can also sort lifts for you!

After church we will be heading over to the Crown Inn in Highfield for lunch. Only £1 for Students! 30 September / 7 October / 21 October.

On the 14 October we have a free lunch at KCC after the meeting. A great opportunity to get to know other people in the church!

Message us for more info.


Want to speak to our Eighteen to Thirties leaders?

Jack Treacher leads the Eighteen to Thirties team and he would be happy to speak to you about any questions you may have: jack.treacher@hotmail.co.uk

If you are a new student you can reach our student leaders, Adam and Melody Bingham, at: students@kccsouthampton.org

Moving away from home to come to Uni was made so much easier by having a wider church family here, who I know love and support me."