I am so excited about all God has got in store for us during this January’s Season of Prayer. On a practical level, it will be great to have one of the evenings together at Hounsdown School, praying about our new Totton site. I am also really looking forward to Pete Greig being amongst us. Many of us were powerfully impacted last year by Pete’s book, Dirty Glory.

But seasons of prayer are not essentially about our agendas and plans but much more about what the Father wants to say and do amongst us! I have been thinking recently about the story of Jesus stilling the storm. Isn’t it interesting how he took the disciples to a place (the eastern side of Lake Galilee) which was way out of their comfort zone because it was not Jewish territory. What is more, he deliberately chose to take them there at night. Jesus did not make them afraid, but He chose to take them out into a stormy situation because He wanted to deal with the fear inside of them. He wanted to prepare them not simply to cross a lake but to go to the ends of the Earth!

I have loved all that God has done amongst us last term, particularly some really powerful Sunday mornings. But He is looking for a people who will enjoy His presence not only within the walls of a Church building, but who will take His presence across the Solent 24/7. He is looking for a people who will carry His glory and goodness to a lost and broken world! Come and join us in our 3 week Season of Prayer for as many of the 6 meetings as you possibly can. Who knows what God will do?



09 & 10 JAN – King’s Community Church / 19:30

16 JAN – Hounsdown School, Totton / 19:30

17 JAN – King’s Community Church / 19:30

23 JAN – King’s Community Church / 19:30 / Guest Pete Greig