We feel that the last two Seasons of Prayer have been particularly significant for us as a Church. Who could possibly forget the evening we had last September when Terry Virgo came and shared his heart for revival and our responsibility to pray to that end. What a remarkable evening we had with Pete Greig in January as we prayed, prophesied and were inspired by all that Pete shared with us about what God is doing across the world.

We feel equally strongly that April’s Season of Prayer will be equally significant for us but we wanted to do things a little differently this time around. We will be having 3 evenings when we gather together to call out to God. The dates of these are:-

Wednesday 24th April (7:30pm)

Wednesday 1st May (7:30pm)

Sunday 5th May (7:30pm)

Two of the gatherings (24th April & 5th May) will be all together at the KCC building. I love the fact that when the early Church gathered in the book of Acts remarkable things happened – the power of God fell, buildings shook and even prison doors opened (see Acts 2:1-2, 4:23-31 and 12:5-17). As we gather together let’s do so in large numbers and expect God to do the unexpected!

The third gathering is going to be a little different. We have asked 30 or so people at KCC from right across the Solent to open their homes for people to come and pray. More and more, God is calling us to be a people who don’t just think about where we happen to meet in a village, or even the city that is just the other side of the motorway. He is calling us to be a people who look to take His love and His good news right across the Solent. We now draw from Portsmouth in the East to Ringwood in the West, from Fareham, Warsash and Netley in the south to Romsey, Chandlers Ford and Colden Common in the north.

Can I encourage you to sign up for a group that is meeting near you to pray. Wouldn’t it be amazing if on one night across the whole of the Solent we had hundreds of people meeting in 30 different locations calling out to God and asking Him to pour out His Spirit right across this Solent region. We have one and a half million people to reach with the good news of Jesus and it all starts with God’s people on their knees!


Scattered Prayer sign up: Click Here


The dates of these are:-

Wednesday 24th April (7:30pm)

Wednesday 1st May (7:30pm) Scattered Prayer

Sunday 5th May (7:30pm)