Welcome to KCC’s privacy information. We hope this will answer any questions you have about the data you share with us, how we store and use it and how we communicate with you.

Please talk to us about anything to do with privacy and communication preferences by emailing Privacy@kccsouthampton.org


Kings Community Church, Southampton (KCC)

Full privacy statement


At KCC we respect you by looking after your personal information and using it in the ways you would reasonably expect.

Adults and children have the same data rights, but we need parents to give consent (where needed) on behalf of under-16s. Those aged 16+ can give their own consent (if you are a parent or carer and want to ask more about exceptions to this, please contact us.)


What we use the information for

We use the information you give us to know who is in the church, enable us to serve KCC and the wider community, and to allow us to communicate with you. Specifically we:

  • Keep lists of people who are associated with the church
  • Keep lists of those who serve on teams at KCC so that we can create rotas and send rota reminders
  • Communicate with people in, and associated with, the church
  • Keep contact details of church leaders from other churches, including overseas
  • Keep personnel records for employees and those on formal courses at KCC
  • Keep records of those who attended KCC College, as agreed by the students
  • Keep records of those who are being helped through community support work and other groups associated with KCC (we do this only with their agreement.)


The options we offer

We offer to let you choose how much information we have about you, what information is visible to other people in the church, and how we communicate with you. These options appear on forms when we collect information, usually as tick boxes.

The general options are:

  • to opt in to get emails about KCC.
  • to opt in to get rota reminder emails

We also offer people the chance to email us if they want to restrict what we send them.


More about Communication

Before opting out of emails, please consider this

Email is our primary way of telling people in the church what is happening. We email a weekly newsletter giving a diary of the week to come, more detail about events/activities, opportunities to serve and family news.

We also email sometimes for envisioning and encouragement, information about small groups, special events and practicalities such as snow closures.

If you are on a rota for KCC it is important to contact you via email to give you team information, your rota and (if you consent) a reminder before each of your turns on the rota.

You can change your Communication Options as you want to by doing any ONE of these:

  • Log in to My ChurchSuite (if you have a login) under My Details – privacy tab.
  • email Privacy@kccsouthampton.org
  • go to: www.kccsouthampton.org/privacy/
  • Click on “Unsubscribe” in any email from KCC sent through ChurchSuite

Even if you opt out from receiving emails from KCC, note that we still have to:

  • Communicate with you as required by law (eg about gift aid if you have signed up, about ongoing consent to hold your information etc)
  • Email you to confirm any changes you make to your privacy options on My ChurchSuite.


Sometimes we have to keep your data

Usually we ask for consent to keep your data, but sometimes we do not rely on consent. For example:

  1. a) CHILDREN

It would not be safe for us to care for children without their name, age, any medical/allergy needs and contact details for a parent or carer.

(Information about under 18s which is on the database can only be accessed by their own parent and a few people at KCC who need to do so.)


We use our database to create and send out rotas and to keep a list of team, so if you want to join a team we will need to have your name on the database.

  1. c) GIVING.

This applies to all giving unless you give cash anonymously. We keep the minimum data necessary, treat it with the highest level of security, only use it for financial processing and do not share it except where we are legally required to do so.

  1. d) OTHER

Wherever it is vital for us to keep data for legal reasons or to protect someone from harm, we reserve the right not to ask for consent, although we would usually inform those affected. Eg, there is a separate leaflet giving details for clients of Parish Nursing.


Before people give full formal consent

We do allow people to ask for information from KCC, to sign up for events and courses and to see if they want to stay with us without asking for full consent. We ask their consent to be on the database and to receive emails but we do not require ongoing consent until they have made up their mind to stay, at least a while. Our administration systems allow for this.


Who else may have access to your information

We do not share your information with those outside the church unless you give us permission to do so and we work hard to ensure that even within the church sensitive information is only accessible to those who need to know.

ChurchSuite provide our software for the church address book and database and Pure IT provide our IT support. The terms and conditions for both of these companies states that they will not access personal information unless essential for technical purposes and if they do they will not use it or disclose it.



We encourage people aged 18 + who are members in KCC to have a login to My ChurchSuite which, amongst other things, allows KCC members to appear in and access the online Address Book. If you are interested in doing this, please contact admin@kccsouthampton.org

Be assured that your name will not appear in the online Address Book unless you have given consent AND are actively involved in the church.

IMPORTANT if you are given access to the online Address Book, it is vital that you NEVER share any information from it without asking the person’s permission.



This is viewable on the church website, or ask at the office for a paper copy.



Visual images are an important part of telling others about the church and help us celebrate and enjoy life as a community.

We would like to be able to use photos and videos taken by our Media Team for a wide range of purposes but cannot do that without your consent. Please fill in this online form to give the kind of consent you think is right for you if you are 16+ (and your children if you are a parent of under 16s)

Link to online form for visual images: https://goo.gl/forms/I2hy2O7a9CUmCHuB3



We believe it is much better for people not to opt out of all emails if they want to become part of this church family so if you receive emails from KCC which you do not find helpful or relevant, please let us know by emailing privacy@kccsouthampton.org rather than unsubscribing.



If you know someone at KCC who cannot use the internet, then please tell them they can ask at Reception on a Sunday for a paper form, and/or privacy information on paper.


To read the KCC Data Protection Policy – Please click here